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Prices Hotel Riccione

A great holiday at a small price

Hotel Panoramic in Riccione offers guests three packages to choose from:

RUBY PACKAGE: F/B with breakfast lunch and dinner and water with meals

DIAMOND PACKAGE: F/B with drinks at meals, air-conditioning, wireless, unlimited entrance to the Beach Village water park, a beach umbrella, a changing cabin and a sun bed on the beach (and admission to Mirabilandia up to 14/6 and from 1st to 30th September).

  From To
May € 30,00 € 59,00
June € 35,00 € 65,00
July € 40,00 € 70,00
August € 51,00 € 85,00
September € 30,00 € 61,00

Room payment by:

POSTAL ORDER to be made out to:

Hotel Panoramic di Pecci Marco
Viale d’Annunzio, 109
47838 Riccione (RN)

BANK TRANSFER with the following account details:

Banca Malatestiana (filiale Flaminia)
hotel Panoramic di Pecci Marco
IBAN IT89O 0709024209015010161684

As a reason please specify: “Booking earnest money + name and surname booked”.
The amount due as a deposit is 30% of total stay amount. 
For stays that are shorter than three nights guests must pay the whole amount.   

If you cancel the booking up to 20 days before the date of arrival the Hotel will withdraw the deposit only if the room remains unsold.

If you cancel late, less than 20 days before the arrival date, the hotel reserves the right to keep the whole deposit.

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